Responsible Tourism

Outlying Adventures Nepal(OYN) works with the aim ‘Development through Tourism and Recreation’. Keeping in line with this motto, the company was conceived to empower underprivileged, marginalized, poor and minority segments particularly western parts of Nepal and off the beaten destinations. OYN with this objective is committed in bringing forth coordinated efforts of all the individuals and organizations who wish to make a meaningful positive contribution for the sustainable development of Nepal especially in mid and farwest destinations of Nepal. Since its inception, it has been constantly facilitating and advocating for school education, health, community development, forest conservation, agriculture, culture preservation and fund raising. The company encourages its clients who besides trekking and climbing the Himalayas are also interested in contributing for the development of west and rural Nepal.

Being a socially responsible travel company, we contribute specific percentage of our benefit to Rural Empowerment and Development Initiative (READI) Humla, Malika Development Organisation(MDO) Achham as a part of humanitarian support in education, health, income generation, livelihoods and infrastructure development of poor and disadvantaged people living in the rural areas of West Nepal.

We plan and organize our operation to maximize the core benefit for the poor people by empowering and providing training on skills development that help them to take part in different tourism activities. With strong policy to employ the local people and promote the local products as much as possible while we operate the trips. Due focus is hiring local guides to accompany you; this not only gives our clients deep insights and connections to the places they trek through, but also contributes towards employment and economic benefit in the region.