Rara and Jumla

More species of birds (236) nest around Rara Lake than people visited in 2010 (170). Yet the largest lake in Nepal, ensconced within its smallest national park, is only three hours walk from an airstrip. It’s a beautiful, calm haven surrounded by forests, and a paradise for bird watchers.

Mugu was once part of the Malla or Khas kingdom of the Karnali River basin, which reigned between the 12th and 14th centuries. Southern Mugu has rugged ranges forested with ancient blue pine, spruce and cedar, and is inhabited by Hindu Chhetris, Brahmins and Thakuris. The northern reaches of Mugu are less frequented. As with Dolpa to the east and Humla to the west, it lies in a vast rainshadow zone. It is arid, less intensively farmed and sparsely populated with people of Tibetan origin.

Rara Lake to Khaptad National Park Trek

This extraordinary trek brings you from Rara Lake, Nepal's biggest lake to Khaptad National Park, a hidden gem in Far West Nepal. The serene Rara Lake is surrounded by snowcapped mountains and thick pine forests. It is a stunning sight when with no wind the tranquil water reflects the mountains and clouds.

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