Humla is the most remote district in Nepal, and one of the poorest. There are few tourists, and those you meet will most likely be headed to the border town of Hilsa, a stepping-stone to Mount Kailash in Tibet.

As you approach Hilsa and the northwestern border, the landscape becomes drier, and the context, Buddhist. It’s possible to turn southeast into the Limi Valley’s incredible red rockscapes and mediaeval stone villages. Beyond lies aglacial valley below the 5000m Nyalu pass, with the aquamarine Tshom Tsho Lake providing remarkable contrast with the burnt sienna of the treeless expanses.

Humla Nyinba Valley Trek to Raling Gompa

While Humla in Northwest Nepal is quite famous as the gateway to Mount Kailash in Tibet, very few people know that very close to Simikot (the headquarters of Humla) lies a beautiful hidden valley, the Nyinba Valley.

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Limi Valley Trek

Entering the rarely visited and mystic Limi Valley seems like stepping back in time. Due to the isolated location, the villages are very untouched and pure. Century old Buddhist traditions, interwoven with shamanistic influences, are still an important part of daily life here.

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