Far West Nepal

The sight of a white-turbaned Dhami, a shaman, with silver bangles on his arms and gold rings in his ears, will indicate just how far west you are of the modern world. Yet Hinduism and Buddhism blends with animism in local devotions, the most famous object of which was the Khaptad Swami, the renowned ‘eco-saint’ who lived to well over 100 years of age.

Organised tourism has so far been limited to the gentle hills and pastures of the Swami’s home, Khaptad National Park, with its snowy backdrop of peaks. But the pristine forests host abundant wildlife, including leopards, monkeys, bearsand rich birdlife. For those with a sense of adventure, there is still much to uncover here – exploration that is as much cultural as it is natural.

Trekking in the Far West is authentic as it gets. Trails wind through a land untouched by the hand of time, past ancient orange and lemon groves and flagstoned mediaeval villages. The history of the Malla Kingdom that reigned here from the 12th to the 14th century is not readily discernible today. But in a land that history has left behind, the visitor is free to experience a taste of what trekking must have been like when Nepal first opened up to the world beyond its borders.

Rara Lake to Khaptad National Park Trek

This extraordinary trek brings you from Rara Lake, Nepal's biggest lake to Khaptad National Park, a hidden gem in Far West Nepal. The serene Rara Lake is surrounded by snowcapped mountains and thick pine forests. It is a stunning sight when with no wind the tranquil water reflects the mountains and clouds.

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Khaptad National Park

Khaptad National Park is a treasure well hidden in the Far Western corner of Nepal. Because of its remote location, it is still completely untouched by tourism development, which makes Khaptad a perfect destination for the adventurer looking for a real wilderness experience.

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Wild West Triangle

Wild west region is a heart of Nepal, any tourist missing this area for trek will make their trip incomplete. The Far Western Nepal is the most stunning region of Nepal with the largest unharmed wilderness area in the lower belt of Nepal called "Terai". The highlights of the tour are Bardia National Park, Rara National park and Shukla Phanta Wildlife Reserve.

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