Dolpo Circuit Trek

Hiking the Dolpo Circuit is an experience you’ll never forget. It gives you the opportunity to experience life in the remote highlands. You walk through a variety of landscapes, ranging from green pastures, reminding to the European Alps, to barren rocks, reminding to the Tibetan plateau. The Phoksundo Lake is of an incomparable beauty, with its deep blue and emerald colors, surrounded by steep bold rocks.

You pass some small authentic villages, inhabited by straight descendent of the Tibetans. Buddhism en Bonpo are very important for the people living in these villages and interwoven in everyday life. Bonpo religion is the oldest spiritual tradition of Tibet. It is very much related with Buddhism, but has more shamanistic and animistic influences, which gives a mythical appeal to Dolpo.

Due to its remote location, Dolpo is still an “off the beaten track destination”. Especially in spring and summer you see very few other tourists.

The Dolpo Circuit is a quite strenuous trekking, with some steep climbs. You have to cross two passes, Numa La of 5318 m and Baga La of 5190 m. These crossings involve long climbs and long descends. But the scenery on the way, the views from the passes and the encounters you will have with the Dolpo people will make it all worth it.

Leaving from Kathmandu, it’s a 14 day trip, but it could be longer or shorter, depending on the length of your walking days.

There are (basic) guesthouses in Juphal, Dunai, Lingdo, Dho Tarap, Ringmo, close to Sanduwa (next to the Amchi Hospital), Chhepka and Kageni. At the other places you have to camp (day 4-6 and 8-10 of this itinerary).

Trip Facts




April-Nov (in may Check if lodges are open/in April and Nov check if passes are open)

Max. Altitude:









Camping and some tea-houses


Day 1

Flight Kathmandu-Nepalganj

Day 2

Flight Nepalgunj-Juphal (2475 m), walk to Dunai (2140 m) 2 ½ hrs

Day 3

Dunai (2140 m) to Lingdo (2391 m) 5 hrs

Day 4

Lingdo (2391 m) to Laina Odar (3370 m) 6 hrs

Day 5

Laina Odar (3370 m) to Nawarpani (3475 m) 4 hrs

Day 6

Nawarpani (3475 m) to Sisaul (3750 m) 3½ hrs

Day 7

Sisaul (3750 m) to Dho Tarap (4080 m) 4 hrs

Day 8

Dho Tarap (3944 m) to Numala Base Camp (4440 m) 3 ½ hrs

Day 9

Numala Base Camp (4440 m) to Danigar (4631 m) via Numa La (Pass) (5318 m) 6 hrs

Day 10

Danigar (4631 m) to Yak Kharka (3982 m) via Baga La (5190 m) 6 hrs

Day 11

Yak Kharka (3982 m) to Ringmo/Phoksundo Lake (3733 m) 2 ½ hrs

Day 12

Ringmo/Phoksundo Lake (3733 m) to Chhepka (2838 m) via Rechi (2940 m) 7 hrs

Day 13

Chhepka (2838 m) to Juphal (2475 m) 6 hrs

Day 14

Flight Juphal-Nepalgunj-Kathmandu