About Us


Outlying Adventures Nepal (OYN) is a government registered company and operated by highly experienced professionals. OYN handle incoming tourist to Nepal from all over the world. We organize trekking, cultural tours, jungle safari, bird watching, mountain flights, hotel reservation, sight seeing, wild west packages and special local activities. Our basic objectives is to ensure that your stay and the journey are undertaken in the safest and pre-planned manner and the most hygienic condition with friendly environment. Due to our special association with various Hotels and Airlines OYN is proud to claim some of the best rates. Our motive is always to intend to offer qualitative service in best available rate along with rich varied and a rewarding experience. We are having own fleet of modern transportation, experience guides, staffs, deluxe hotels, restaurant and airlines.

We warmly invite you to join our circle so that you will be guided through the peculiar display of most wonderful natural beauties of Nepal from green grassland to snowcapped mountain, the amazing flora and fauna and the fascinating culture of people from diverse ethic groups preserving their own culture from ancient periods. It is a great pleasure for us to plan your vacation and be a part of your wonderful and memorable journey.

Quality and Value

Our services are intended to offer quality and value for money, together with a rich, varied and a rewarding experience. Our prices of all the tours are highly competitive and unmatched with any other local outfitters. We use the very best equipment and ensure that all logistics are firmly in place and everything is meticulously organized to run each and every trip without any hitch.

Security and Safety

We ensure that all our clients have a safe journey across the Himalayan regions. Now Nepal has been politically calm and stable after the country became Federal Republic in 2008 and till date we have never had any problem with security.

Volunteer and Educational Holidays

We offer holidays incorporating volunteer and learning activities in the host community as part of the vacation experience. This type of 'give back' vacation is suitable for those who have gap year breaks among students and career breaks among professionals. It includes all ages, time frames (from a few hours to several weeks or longer) and price ranges. Such holidays offer short term volunteer opportunities in schools, health, clinics, agricultural farms and community centers.

Innovative Itinerary

We are always in constant search of exploring new routes of spectacular beauty to share with our most demanding clients. We generally try to avoid tourist areas that have been over-exploited or, when operating them, we organize all our trips so as to minimize the contact with the tourists crowds and thus allow for a more authentic experience, promoting a positive cultural exchange with local people and environment.